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company news about Acrylic mirror processing process

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Acrylic mirror processing process
Latest company news about Acrylic mirror processing process

Processing premise: Receive demand
When each company makes acrylic lenses for themselves, they must make design drawings. According to the different drawings, we design different products. The drawings include length, width, thickness, product requirements, and semicircle radius, or diameter, etc. And It also includes the hardness requirements of the product, as well as other requirements such as scratches.
Step 1: Acrylic Sheet Cutting
Use a laser cutting machine to cut the acrylic sheet into the product shape required by the drawing, and ensure a certain error, so that the error is not higher than 0.02mm;
Step 2: Drilling the Acrylic Sheet
This acrylic plate drilling is an option. When we see acrylic lenses, the products we usually make are directly electroplated and silk-screened. We rarely see drilling products, but there will also be some needs. If there is under the top frame of the positioning column, or if you have novel ideas, you can drill holes to achieve the effect of drilling.
Step 3: Acrylic Plate Polishing
When the acrylic sheet is made into a lens, there is a basic requirement, that is, there should be no burrs around the acrylic sheet. We often leave a little burr when cutting. The appearance of these burrs will cause the burrs to be processed during coating. After coating, the second possibility is that burrs are easy to cut hands, which is also an unbearable weight when using acrylic sheets.
Step 4: Thermoforming
Some acrylic lenses are different from common acrylic lenses. Most acrylic lenses are a PMMA sheet, and some need to be changed in shape for some special reasons. At this time, we can heat the acrylic sheet to make it heat-pressed to form a What customer needs look like
Step 5: Acrylic Screen Printing
This step is the text description added when the customer displays their own brand LOGO or patent or brand promotion, etc. At this time, they will choose to add silk screen printing, and some products do not need to add silk screen printing, but most products will add silk screen printing because of the brand display. There are two kinds of screen printing, one is: single-color screen printing; the other is: four-color (CNYK) screen printing.
Step 6: Acrylic Plate Coating
This is the process of turning the acrylic sheet into an acrylic lens. The usual method is electroplating of the acrylic lens, so that the acrylic sheet can be transformed into an acrylic lens, and the acrylic lens can also be colored into a predetermined color. To achieve the desired effect, it can also be used for The light transmittance of the window can be adjusted, such as no light transmission, semi-transparent acrylic mirror, and full lens, etc.
Finished processing: acrylic lens packaging

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